Major Motorsport Big Brake Kit


Welcome to the epitome of braking excellence – Major Motorsport’s Big Brake Caliper Kit.
This isn’t just a brake upgrade; it’s a statement. Major Motorsport invites you to experience driving elevated to an art form. Unleash the potential of your vehicle with our meticulously designed Big Brake Caliper Kit – where form meets function seamlessly.
Precision-crafted from aerospace-grade billet aluminum through cutting-edge CNC machining, our calipers redefine lightweight performance. Engineered for superior cooling, strategic fins ensure optimal heat dissipation. The anodized two-piece rotors, adorned with fishhook-style slots, not only captivate the eye but also deliver unmatched braking efficiency. Versatility meets power with three size options: 355mm, 370mm, and 410mm.
Major Motorsport’s Big Brake Caliper Kit is a comprehensive upgrade package tailored for the ultimate braking experience. Each kit includes:
Two Calipers: Precision-engineered from aerospace-grade billet aluminum, ensuring lightweight strength and optimal performance.
Two Discs: Anodized two-piece rotors featuring fishhook-style slots for visual appeal and superior heat dissipation.
Two Adaptable Mounting Brackets: Includes two adaptors crafted for easy integration with your chosen vehicle, ensuring a seamless fit.
Two Brake Lines: The kit comes complete with two brake lines, providing the necessary connections for a reliable and efficient braking system.
This all-inclusive package is designed not just to meet but to exceed your expectations, offering a harmonious blend of precision, performance, and style. Elevate your driving experience with Major Motorsport’s Big Brake Caliper Kit – because true performance is in the details.

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